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 The International Torneo of Beach Handball Memorial has been concluded Gianni Buttarelli and also for this edition the organizers cannot make less than to be astonished of unforeseeable and unexpected the succeeded one, since l' 80% of the teams participants have confirmed their participation to the next edition. The sponsors from the L' OREAL Professionel Paris and Grand Hotel Ireland Villa with Official Radius Radius Space Blu and Lazio TV and Giochi del Mare thanks to which a visibility has been had on a national level on Italy Sport with the resumptions in directed of the ends of the Torneo di Beach Handball.
In IX the TORNEO OF BEACHANDBALL, European Championship of Club 2009 is sets up the Spanish Teame of Bilbao Al Bilbao Al Limite on Centro Medico 2000 Capua and CUS Cassino,USCA Atellana, Sporting Club Gaeta 70, Real Beach Rome, Beach Boys Ambra. What it has truly hit the Teams participants has been l' received acceptance dall' entire City, from the Hotels, to the Schools where they were lodged and from the hospitality of the gaetani citizens. It does not go however forgotten the prominence that it has had the manifestation from the printed publication paper, from the wireless and television channels.




Cat maschile/male Euro 500.00


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