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Dear President,
we are very happy that you have decided to participate in the XIX Calise Cup.
I am writing to summarize all the information on your arrival, departure, accommodation, schedules and various requirements, additional services , etc. Answer as soon as possible but no later than 27.05.2019 sending also the list of participants to the event . You can enter an unlimited number of players, and until 27.05.2019 you will have to confirm the final list. We will use this information to create tender lists, accreditations ecc. Also, send us a photo of the team, the society logo and a bit of the Company's history or a video so that we can best present you on our site and on our social profiles.

REGISTRATION Seniores Female / Male
- € 100 (oneundred) if registration takes place before May 05 2019
- € 150 (oneundred and fifty) if registration takes place after May 05 2019

Under 18 - 2001 or younger - € 60 per team
Under 16 - 2003 or younger - € 60 per team

Under 14 - 2005 or younger - € 60 per team

Under 12 - 2007 or younger - € 20 per team

With the same group of players you can not participate in two categories (concurrent match will not be moved)

The payments have be done to
Banca Popolare di Fondi - Agenzia di Gaeta
IBAN: IT 59 B 05296 73990 CC01000 16078
Naz. Coord. Nat. (BBAN) POF 0II 3P
Registration N° __ team at CALISE CUP 2019

c/o VIOLA Antonio - Via Flacca km 20.800 - 04024 - Gaeta (LT)
e-mail violaantonio12@gmail.com
- Fax. +39 771 779201 Tel. + 39 771 779373 cell 339 1123631

The calendar of match will be published on Monday 15.06.2019.
To stay up to date on the Tournament follow us on:
a) Facebook @calisecup /@gaetahandball84
b) sito web www.gaetahandball84.it
c) twitter: gaetahandball84
d) Instagram: Gaetahandball1984 / calisecup
d) Telegram: @calisecup

The tournament will begin on Friday 28 June 2019 at 15.00 and the final matches are scheduled for Sunday 30 hours 19.00.

Every day there are scheduled party for players with free entry:
a) Friday 28 at the bathhouse AURORA “LA TERRAZZA”;
b) Saturday 29 at the bathhouse “SELENE”
c) Sunday 30 closing party at the bathhouse AURORA “LA TERRAZZA”

bed: € 10 per night per person; each participant will be assigned a mattress and a sheet, from the night before the start of the tournament to 1 July morning;
Classroom: € 200 per team (max 10 people). Each team will have a classroom, from the night before the start of the tournament to 01 July morning.
Each participant must bring the cot, mattress and / or sleeping bag with them
Any extra days, after the 01 July, will have an additional cost of € 50;
It is necessary to pay an account of accommodation costs equal to 50% of the total amount due. The remaining sum must be paid to Gaeta upon arrival;
The teams that will stay in the schools will have to pay, on arrival, the sum of € 110, as a deposit. This sum will be returned before departure only after verification of the absence of any damage.

HOTEL (prices are per person per night) + € 1.50 for the Municipal Tax.

(B/B) double € 45
HOTEL 4 stars
(B/B) double € 50, triple € 42, quadruple € 38;
(H/B) double € 70, triple € 62, quadruple € 58;
(F/B) double € 85, triple € 76, quadruple € 72;
The agreements and payments are directly with the Hotel. To access the agreed prices, at the time of booking, please specify that the reason for the stay is linked to participation in the "XXXI MEMORIAL CALISE”.

BREAKFAST (Italian) € 10 per person for nr. 4 breakfasts (including a drink and
a dessert) from breakfast of June 28th to breakfast of July 1st.

LUNCH BAG € 5: every lunch bag will consist of:
- 1 stuffed sandwich - 1 fruit - 1 bottle of water
The meal is delivered directly on the courts. It is required to book lunch bag at least 48 hours before the start day of the tournament, to facilitate the organization in processing all requests and avoid delays.

LUNCH / DINNER At the bathhouse € 98.00 per carnet: inclusive of 2 daily meals (excluding breakfa
st) from the dinner of 27 June 2019 to the dinner of 30
June 2019 for a total of 7 meals) (first course, main course, side dish, fruit and ½ liter of water);The ticket for a single meal, including first course, second course, side dish
, fruit
and ½ liter of water, is € 15 to be purchased from the technical secretariat located at the Bathhouse Serapide.

DINNER € 22 per person per meal: 4 of the best restaurants in the city of Gaeta
have chosen to collaborate with us. In the menu you will have the choice between
two first courses, two second courses, two side dishes, a drink or a glass of wine
and half a liter of water.

To reach the city of Gaeta, in addition to its own means and public ones, the organization of the CALISE CUP suggests:
From/to FORMIA train station: 2.50€ (per person)

a) van 8 pax: 230€
b) minibus 19 pax: 330€
c) bus 56 pax: 450 €

a) van 8 pax: 200€
b) minibus 19 pax: 280€
c) bus 56 pax: 400 €

We are available for any questions so please contact us! as soon as you write to us, the better we can help you AUTONOMOUS SOLUTIONS
The teams that arrange logistic by themself will have to indicate in the appropriate registration form the address of their accommodation.

The company Gaeta 1984 reserves the right to communicate any changes to the program;

For the number of participants, decreases of up to 5% will be allowed.
Team check-in operations will be carried out no later than 10.00 pm on June 27th 2019.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us
violaantonio12@gmail.com - Organizing Committee Mr. VIOLA Antonio

19/21 June 2020
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Gianni Buttarelli
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