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Closes the curtain on the fourteenth Memorial Buttarelli, as part of the XXVI Memorial F. Calise. At local beaches of Miramare and Serapis, to which we give our best thanks for the willingness, was held at the final day of the tournament Male and Female Senior. The Finale women saw the victory of the National Women's Senior who beat the former champions of Europe for the club Paksoft Camelot Tilburg Holland. Among the girls were awarded the young player of the Italian national Anika Nederveiser daughter "art" of the former goalkeeper from the National Italian and Dutch girl Jeanet Van Marckworf. In the men's category of the Dutch Tilburg Camelot, driven by strong goalkeeper Robbert Kruisne, after a thrilling September 2 have had the better of the young boys of the National Under 18 between which has highlighted the young athlete Gaetano Luca Bettini who along with Ivan Lanzillotta held in check the very strong Dutch, finalists in the European club championship held in Greece from 30 May to 1 June. The end part of the third place, after a thrilling contest which resolved only in the final seconds was won by the Italian champions on outgoing hosts of Gaeta 84, who along with the boys of Gaeta Sporting Club 70 have not at all disfigured against "battleships" that preceded them in the standings. The appetizer of the tournament between teams Under 16 was won by Sporting Club Gaeta 70, dragged by the young David Ciccolella, the cousins of Gaeta 84, among which stood out Luca Camelio. The return of hot, throughout the weekend, has not kept away from the stands of the two beaches affected the large audience that involved tourists present on the beach Serapo, curious and at the same time affected by the spectacle produced by the athletes participating.
Recall that the tournament represented either leg of the Italian Championship in 2014 that leg of the EHF European Championship. In fact, the tournament organized by the Society of "home" Sporting Club Gaeta Gaeta 70 and 84, saw the presence of the EHF Executive Officer Mauro Montagneur, in addition to three arbitrators and their members EHF.
Huge success was achieved also the Beach Volleyball tournament, organized by ASD New Gaeta Gulf, and played simultaneously with the Beach Handball tournament.
The next round of the Memorial Tournament is the IV Master OVER 4th entitled to never forgotten Gianni Buonuomo which will take place in the structure of Geodesic Via Venice next weekend.

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